If you run a restaurant, bar or pub you may think that there is loads that you can share on social media. However, you may feel that other than advertising new menus, there isn’t much to say. If you are looking for social media post ideas for your restaurant, this is the blog post for you. We share lots of social media post ideas for restaurants like yours that you can use yourself.

Do you have a weekly quiz? Talk about the upcoming quiz night in your social media posts. However, share a photo of the winners of the last quiz and the top 3 scores. Maybe share some questions from the previous quiz in the social media posts for your restaurant too. This will give your audience an idea of what to expect if they come to your quiz night.

Perhaps you have live music nights too? Talk about these on social media. Share a list at the beginning of each month for the live music nights coming up that month. If the bands or singers share a photo of video of them performing elsewhere in the run up to their event at your venue, share that on your page too. Add why you are so excited to see them in (number) of days.

As each new season comes round, share photos of the seasonal drinks you offer. These could be fruity summer ciders, Christmas themed cocktails or spicey drinks for the autumn months. This will give people something to get excited about and a reason to come in and see you too.

Photos of food will always attract attention. Why not share a photo of a dessert with cream and then ice cream. Add wording to the post that asks which your audience would prefer, ice cream or cream. This can be done with savoury meals served with chips or mash, for example. By asked a question, you are encouraging a response and engagement. This is great as a boost to your social media presence.

Need help coming up with social media post ideas for your restaurant? Speak to our social media management team. We will happily give you some ideas, or we can manage your social media presence for you.