Do you know that you are supposed to post on social media more for your business, but you’re not sure what to post? Don’t worry – we can help. In this blog post we share social media post ideas for October. These are based on national days and weeks from BrownieLocks for October, and they can be used as social media post ideas.

You don’t need to use all of these social media post ideas. They are things we have put together as they might work for your business. However, you may find that you prefer some to others. These social media ideas are just there to help get those creative juices flowing. You want to have social and engaging posts as well as posts that promote your business. These post ideas are a great way of doing this.

  • Black Cat Awareness Month – why not share a photo of the black cats owned by your team. You can encourage your audience to do the same.
  • Eat Better, Eat Together Month – Use this national month to take your team out for a meal. Share and photo of the meal out. You could share favourite recipes for bulk cooking too.
  • National Cookbook Month – Share your favourite recipe and encourage others to do the same. You can then create your own cookbook for everyone to use.
  • National Work and Family Month – The work life balance is never easy. Why not encourage work life / work family balance by sharing tips. You could share photos of your team with their families too.
  • Customer Service Week: 2-6 – You could share customer reviews, case studies and testimonials throughout the week. This will show that it is not just you saying you are great. Your audience is saying it for you.
  • International Coffee Day: 1 – Share a photo of your morning coffee. Ask your audience how they take theirs. You could have a competition to win a coffee shop voucher too.
  • World Smile Day: 6 – Ask your team for their favourite jokes. These can then be shared on this national day to make your audience smile.
  • International Face Your Fears Day: 10 – Be brave and share your biggest fears. This shows your audience that you are a real person. You might find that your audience are happy to share theirs too. This can all help with relationship building.
  • National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day: 11 – This is a nice fun one for you. Bring your teddy bear to work and take some photos. These could be of your teddy bear in the office, around the business or with the team. Have some fun and your audience will want to engage with you.

Don’t forget, if you do use national days, weeks or months in your social media, use the name of the day as a hashtag. For example, #BlackCatAwarenessMonth. This will help make the posts reach grow as others use the hashtag. It will help your audience better understand your posts too.

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