Social media needs to be social. This is what will help increase your engagement on social media and grow your reach too. While it’s important to talk about your business and the services or products you offer, you need to share ‘you’ too.

‘You’ are what makes your business different. People buy people, and by learning more about you, they will build a relationship with you. This will lead to more sales and recommendations for your business.

In this blog post we have shared some social media post ideas for May. These are the national days, weeks and months of May that you can use to tell your audience more about you. When used the right way, they will help boost your presence online and help increase your engagement too.

National Month Social Media Post Ideas for May

  • Global Health & Fitness Month – what are your health and fitness tips?
  • Mental Health Month – what are your mental health tips?
  • National Salad Month – what’s your favourite salad?

National Week Social Media Post Ideas for May

  • 2-8th May: Anxiety & Depression Week – tips for coping or supporting others
  • 3-7th May: Teacher Appreciation Week – who was your favourite teacher at school and why?
  • 7-16th May: National Public Garden Week – what are your favourite gardens to visit?

National Day Social Media Post Ideas for May

  • 2nd May – World Laughter Day – what’s your favourite joke?
  • 8th May – National Mine Golf Day – where is your favourite mini golf course?
  • 11th May – Eat What You Want Day – if you could eat anything and never put on weight, what would it be?
  • 18th May – Buy A Musical Instrument Day – have you ever played a musical instrument? what?
  • 25th May – Cookie Monsters Birthday – what’s your favourite cookie?
  • 27th May – Eat More Fruit & Veg Day – what’s your favourite fruit or veg?

There are some important things to remember when using national days, weeks and months for your social media. You need to give your answer, but then ask your audience for their answer or thoughts too.

The other thing to remember is to hashtag (#) the national day. This will help your audience understand what you’re talking about. It will also help other audiences posting about this national day, week or month engage with you too.

If you need help with social media posting or would like some training for social media, just give us a call.