Here at Creative Content Company we are always talking about the importance of being engaging. Social media is about being social. If you keep selling at people, then you won’t get very far with engagement and likes. However, if you engage with people and ask questions this can really boost your engagement and reach. In this blog post we have put together some social media post ideas for June.

We have used local days, weeks and months as a way to get your creative juices flowing for social media. By sharing things about you and your team, your business is becoming real and personal. This helps encourage relationships and builds trust too.

Below you can find some social media post ideas for June. They give you the dates the national day or week is on. Then you can see there are some ideas of things you could post for that day. Everyone is different so 1,000 people could read this and use the social media post ideas for June for their own business and they’d all still be different.

  • Beautiful in Your Skin Month – what is your favourite part about your body, and why?
  • Dementia Care Professionals Month – top tips for supporting someone with dementia
  • National Candy Month – favourite sweets
  • It’s National Smile Month (13th May – 13th June) – what never fails to make you smile?
  • National Zoo and Aquarium Month – favourite zoo and why?
  • Meet A Mate Week: 14-20 – favourite thing to do with a friend?
  • Doughnut Day or Donut Day: 4-5 – what’s your favourite doughnut?
  • World Gin Day: 12 – favourite gin and how do you have it?
  • (World) Blood Donor Day: 14 – how many times have you given blood?
  • Fudge Day: 16 – favourite fudge flavour?
  • Bartender Day: 17 – favourite drink from a bar?
  • World Productivity Day: 20 – top productivity tip.

We would recommend that you use the national day as a hashtag. For example, #NationalFudgeDay so people can engage with that hashtag too. It also means others using that hashtag can engage with you as well.

If you need help with more social media ideas or need someone to look after your social media presence, give us a call.