If you’re struggling to come up with social media post ideas for June, then help is at hand. While you need to make sure your social media promotes your business, it needs to be social too. After all, it’s called social media. In this blog post we share some social media post ideas for June to help you get those juices flowing.

Based on some national days and weeks for the month of June, we have put the following together. It’s worth mentioning that the amazing guys at BrownieLocks put the days together for us. We have just picked out our favourites and given you some ideas and ways to use them in your social media posts for June.

National Business Etiquette Week 4-10: What are your pet peeves and loves of business etiquette?

Pet Appreciation Week 4-10: Everyone loves a photo of a cute pet, so get sharing the cute pets of your business.

Meet A Mate Week 12-18: Use this week as an opportunity to meet a business friend, then share a photo on social media to promote them / their business.

National Dare Day 1: Why not dare your social media followers to do something?

Wonder Woman Day 3: Who is the wonder woman that inspires you? Share a photo or write a post about them.

National Movie Night 9: What is your favourite movie to recommend to others?

World Gin Day 10: Why not share your favourite gin and ask your audience for recommendations too?

Nature Photography Day 15: Share a photo from your camera / phone that you have taken of nature.

Father’s Day 18: Tell your followers why your dad is awesome.

World Productivity Day 20: Why not share your top productivity tip and encourage your audience to do the same.

National Selfie Day 21: This is a chance to remind your audience of the person / people behind the business.

Positive Media Day 22: Share some good news to help keep the media positive on this national day.

Feel free to use these social media post ideas for June yourself. However, if you are still unsure how they could work for your business, we can help. Our social media posting service means that we can great, engaging social media posts for your business. This is all done while you focus on the other important areas of your business.