Do you struggle coming up with social media post ideas each month? You’re not alone. This is something that a lot of people in business struggle with. This is why we offer a blog post each month sharing social media post ideas, like this one for July.

Social media shouldn’t be all about business. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. You need to interject some personality and social posts within your business posts. Below are some social media post ideas for July, using national days, weeks and months. You are welcome to use them yourself. If you don’t think you have the time or experience, our social media management team can post them for you.

  • National Ice Cream Month – Be engaging and start a vote of your favourite ice cream. Include the favourite flavours of your team and ask your target audience for their favourites too.
  • National Picnic Month – Why not go on a team picnic? Or talk about your favourite picnic treats or places to go for a picnic. If relevant, why not ask your customers to a picnic with you?
  • Social Wellness Month – Share your tips for social wellness. This is something that many have struggled with since covid so share tips and ideas from your team.
  • Self Care Month – Talk about what self care you do or recommend self care ideas for your audience. Ask them to share their self-care ideas too.
  • National Independent Retailers Week: 16-22 – Use this week as an opportunity to promote local independent retailers, sellers or customers for your business. Show you care about your local business community.
  • Second Half of The Year Day: 2 – Talk about the goals you set and if you have achieved them. Share how you can help others achieve their goals for this year.
  • Chocolate Day: 7 – Why not have a Like and Share competition on social media to win a chocolate hamper? You can also share your favourite chocolate bars and ask your audience theirs too.

Don’t forget to use the national day, week or month names as hashtags to boost your engagement when using these social media post ideas for July. For example, #ChocolateDay or #SelfCareDay. This will also help you engage with other people in business posting about the same topics.