To be successful on social media, you need to be social – the clue’s in the name! Lots of business owners struggle with this. They want to share news about the business or products they offer. However, by giving your audience a chance to learn more about you and engage with you – you will build trust and a relationship.

In this blog post we have put together some social media post ideas for August. These will help you be more social and engaging online. Use these national days, weeks and months to share snippets about you. Our social media post ideas for August also give you a chance to ask questions so you can engage with your audience too.

So, here are our social media post ideas for August. Don’t forget to use the national, day week or month as the hashtag. This will help to increase the reach and visibility of your post. For example, #NationalRadioDay or #FriendshipDay

Happiness Happens Month – What never fails to make you happy or what do you do to ensure happiness happens for others?

National Read A Romance Novel Month – What romance book do you recommend to others?

It’s National Wellness Month – A wellness tip / how do you look after your own wellness?

Simplify Your Life Week: 1-7 – How does your business simplify the lives of others? What are your tips to simplify life?

Friendship Day: 1 – Why are your friendships so important to you?

National Clown Day: 7 – lover or hater?

It’s National Prosecco Day: 13 – lover or hater?

National Radio Day: 20 – what radio station do you listen to and why?

Internet Self-care Day: 21 – your top tip for self-care on the internet.

If you struggle finding the time to post on your social media, you’re not sure what to say or it’s just not something that interests you; call us.

You can outsource your social media posting to our team. This means that your social media presence stays active and you can focus on the other parts of your business.