Do you struggle keeping your social media live and active? It can be tricky to come up with social media post ideas. This can be a struggle for some people all year round. However, with holidays and picnics on people’s minds social media post ideas in August can be even harder than ideas for the rest of the year.

Here at Creative Content Company, we believe that social media should be social. It’s important that your target audience get to know you as a real person. It shouldn’t all be about your business and what you sell. This is why we use Brownie Locks website for social media ideas. Below we have shared some of our favourite social media post ideas for August.

Please feel free to use these social media post ideas for August yourself. Just include your own answers or take on the national day or week. Most importantly, when you do use these social media post ideas for August, make sure you hashtag the day. For example, #WorldWideWebDay or #InternationalCatDay. This way you can engage with others that are promoting the same day, and they can engage with you too.

World Wide Web Day: 1 – What is your go-to website? Why not share this on social media and encourage your followers to do the same?

Happiness Happens Week: 1-7 – Talk about what makes you happy. It could be as simple as the smell of freshly cut grass or seeing your pets. Or it could be customers ordering or leaving reviews.

Simplify Your Life Week: 1-7 – Do you have a product or service that simplifies the life of your customers? Talk about this is social media. Mayne you have top tips that your target audience will want to use to simplify their lives too.

International Cat Day: 8 – We all know it’s what the internet was made for. Use this day to share a photo of your cat. If you can somehow link it to your business or services, then even better.

National Bargain Hunting Week: 7-13 – Why not share some special offers for those bargain hunters. These could be your own special offers or special offers of local businesses.

International Coworking Day: 9 – Is there a local co-working space that you love? Maybe you would like to promote one of your co-workers. Could you offer co-working space in your business? Why not share how co-working works for you.

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