As we have said before, social media needs to be social. The clue really is in the name. When you go networking you just don’t just sell at the person you meet. Instead, you have a chat with them. You talk about their hobbies, their day, the weather and more. These are all conversation starters and help to build relationships too. This is similar to our social media post ideas for August.

Some people find small talk tricky. A lot of business owners find being engaging and social when promoting their business hard too. This is why we have put together this blog post. Below we share just three topics of social media post ideas for August. These are based on national weeks and months. This will help ensure your social media posts stay different and fresh.

  • Happiness Happens Months

August is Happiness Happens Month. Why not share things that never fail to make you smile? These could be as small as a child’s laugh, no queue at the coffee shop or getting home to the dig greeting you. Why not share photos of the things that make you happy too? Encourage your team to do the same and ask your audience what makes them happy as well.

  • National Wellness Month

Wellness is a tricky thing for a lot of people. Everyone is aware that their health and wellness is important. However, many people are not sure how to improve their wellness. Why not share your own advice and tips on wellness. You could also share services or products that you or your clients and customers offer to help the wellness of your audience.

  • Simplify Your Life Week

The first week of August is Simplify Your Life Week. During the summer holidays a lot of parents will find themselves struggling trying to manage work and juggle family life. Use this opportunity to share your tips for simplifying lives and what you do to make your life simpler. If you provide any products or services that help simplify peoples lives you could share these too.

When posting these social media post ideas for August, make sure you include the hashtag of the topic. For example, #HappinessHappensMonth. This will help more people see your post, engage with similar posts and bring your social media together too.

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