When it comes to social media, you need to be social. It’s not all about your business and promotion of your business offerings. Just as when people watch TV, they fast forward the adverts. If you are only selling on your social media, they will scroll by your posts. It’s a good idea to share engaging posts. That’s why we have created this list of social media post ideas for April.

April is Customer Loyalty Month. Why not share a story about a loyal customer that has stayed with you since you first began? Maybe you could share details of how you reward loyal customers too? This will encourage potential customers to be loyal customers. Your target audience will also see how long your customers stay with you. This will encourage them to use you too.

10th – 17th April is Money Smart Week. You could use this week to promote items that help your target audience save money. This could be services and products you offer, but also other businesses in your industry too. It will encourage these businesses to promote your services or products in exchange.

1st April is April Fool’s Day. Why not have a little fun with this on the morning of 1st April? Then in the afternoon it’s your chance to come clean.

Dictionary Day is 4th April. You could use this day to share your favourite term in your industry. Perhaps there is a made up word you and your family use that you definitely think should be in the dictionary? These are both great ways of telling your target audience more about you, the person behind the business.

Pet Day is on 11th April. Grab your pet, take a photo and share it online. Tell a funny story about your pet. The rest is pretty much done for you. Social media loves pets. The cuter the pet the more engagement you will get.

To be or not to be; that is the question! Will you be taking part in National Shakespeare Day on 23rd April? Share a post or two with a well known quote from Shakespeare in. You may find your audience spend ages responding in Shakespeare quotes. This will do wonders for your social media reach and engagement.

Don’t forget to use the national day, week or month as the hashtag! But most importantly, have a little fun with these social media post ideas for April.