Do you run a garden centre and aren’t sure what to share on social media? Social media could be an incredible marketing tool for your business. People are looking for inspiration to improve their gardens. They don’t know what to do or what to plant. Your social media posts could help them. This is why we have put together some social media post ideas for a garden centre to help you.

Before checking out our social media post ideas for a garden centre, think about what people want from your garden centre. As well as plants, trees and shrubs, are there other things you sell or offer customers?

Maybe you have a butchers or bakery where customers can buy fresh food. Perhaps you have a café that offers amazing Afternoon Tea to visitors? Do you have a child’s play park to be enjoyed? All of these things give people more reasons to visit your garden centre. They also help you stand out from other garden centres. A visitor may come to use the café or to buy some BBQ meats. However, they’ll see the amazing range of plants and maybe purchase one or two of those too.

You can use your social media posts for a garden centre to be a helpful friend. A lot of people don’t know that they are doing in the garden. By offering guidance and advice, you are helping these people. They don’t feel judged. Instead, they know they can visit you for help and recommendations on the right plants for them.

Share photos of plants for different areas of the garden and different soil types. Why not share videos of how to cut back shrubs or trim bushes. These will all help your audience. The photos will look great, and the videos will show that you are real and helpful.

Using other items, you sell in the photos and videos will help increase your sales as well without being too pushy. For example, use the garden tools you sell. If you’re talking about how to care for pop plants, have an array of your pots in the background. This is known as a gentle selling technique to boost sales for your business.

Need help coming up with more social media post ideas for your garden centre? Call our team now for social media training. Alternatively, we offer social media management where we can post on your social media pages for you. Call us now to find out more.