If you want your business to succeed on social media you need to be social and you need to engage, if people are using these platforms to have a gossip and a giggle the way you will achieve is by having a gossip and giggle with them. In a similar way to networking, people sell to people so use social media to give your personality a brand and people will begin to see you as a friend, not just someone that is trying to sell, sell, sell.

However, business and social media is changing. People expect quick responses, if you post something on Twitter at 8pm expect to be answering questions or chatting with people that reply at 8.10pm.  Exactly the same as sending an email at 10pm at night, the receiver will think you’re awake so they will reply and expect a response.

If you have links to your social media platforms from your website then make sure you use them. There is not much worse than clicking away from a website to find out more about a business only to find that the facebook page was last updated a month ago.

Here at Creative Content Company we can post on your social media platforms daily for you (or multiple times a day if you prefer), we can respond to queries and engage with your customers throughout the day and we can make sure that if a potential customer leaves your website and lands on your social media platform it will be updated and they will be spoken to as they engage with you.

If social media isn’t working for you it may be that it’s just not being done right, call us for social media management services or even social media training so you can do it yourself.

The clues in the name, social media needs to be social. You don’t put the TV on to watch the adverts; you put the TV on to watch the programs. When you go on Twitter and Facebook, you don’t want to be sold at you want to engage with people, you want to catch up with your friends and you want to have a little bit of ‘fun time’.