If you run a wedding dress shop and are struggling for social media post ideas, then help is at hand. In this blog post we share some social media ideas that you can use for your wedding dress shop. They will help boost engagement and interaction on your page. In turn, this will help you increase your reach and brand awareness.

You are welcome to use these ideas yourself. Alternatively, you can use our social media posting service in Peterborough. This means that we can post on your social media pages for you and manage your social media presence.

So, what are our social media ideas for your wedding dress shop?

Of course you need to share photos of your dresses. These should be a full photo of the dress as well as a close-up of an aspect of the dress. When brides come in to the shop to choose a dress, take a photo of them with a sign that says “I said yes to the dress”. This can then be shared online while reminding people to book their wedding dress appointment to try on dresses in your store.

When brides come into the store make sure you take note of their wedding day. As the day comes around, don’t forget to congratulate them. A little post congratulating ‘their names’ and tagging them too can mean so much to the happy couple on their special day. You could include the photo of them on their ‘say yes to the dress day too’.

Then think about a year later. Ask them for a photo of them in their dress on their special day. Share this online when you get it and congratulate them. Then a year later use the photo again and congratulate them on their 1st year of marriage. It will make them feel special and show your audience that you love your customers too.

Keep an eye out for celebrity engagements and marriages too. When a celebrity announces that she is engaged then share photos of dresses that you think she would look great in. Ask your audience for their thoughts too and which of the dresses you suggested that they prefer.

As celebrity brides get married, share the photos of their special day. Talk about the dress that they are wearing and why it works for them. In addition, share similar wedding dresses that you have in the shop for future brides.

These are just some of our social media post ideas for your wedding dress shop. If you would like any more ideas, just give our social media marketers in Peterborough a call. We will happily do some brainstorming with you and help you see what could work.