As we know, social media is uber-important but it can sometimes be hard to know what to say. It is important to get business messages across but it is also important to remember it is ‘Social’ Media and therefore you need to be ‘social’ but how can you get people to engage in what you have to say? Here are a few dated social media ideas to get the conversation flowing in June with these National Days (yes, I know I love my National Days).

You can pop on Hootsuite and schedule the statuses now so you are prepared but you must remember to pop on and talk with people when they respond to these statuses, engagement is a two way thing! Social posts do not need to be work related but just get customers and potential customers talking with you!

  • 1st June – Say something nice day (for example, “Today is National Say Something Nice Day, what is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you?”)
  • 5th June – National Running Day (for example – “Did you run to work today? How long would it take if you did?” or even post the day before to remind people it’s the next day)
  • 9th June – Donald Duck Day (for example – “Who was your favourite Disney cartoon character as a child?” or similar)
  • 15th June – Nature Photography Day (for example “Share your favourite nature photo with us”
  • 19th June – Garfield the Cat Day (similar to Donald Duck day “Who is your favourite cartoon character?”)
  • 21st June – Ugliest Dog Day (encourage readers to share pictures of ugly dogs and then everyone can comment on which one is ugliest)
  • 22nd June – Stupid Thing Day (encourage readers to tell you the stupidest things they have ever done)
  • 23rd June – Let It Go Day (encourage readers to let go whatever is bothering them by having a rant or ask them what they wish someone else would ‘let go’)
  • 1st July – National Ice cream Month (encourage readers to explain their favourite ice cream flavours).

These are not meant as professional ‘business’ statuses, but instead statuses that will get people involved and get more people following and liking you, it is important not to ‘sell sell sell’ and the time and ideas like this will help to break that up.

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