There are lots of ways of promoting your business. You could have adverts in a local newspaper, on the radio or on the TV for example. Your business could be promoted in flyers, at business exhibitions or with SEO for your website. In this blog post we look at social media for business in Peterborough.

Social media has grown enormously over the years. It gives business owners the opportunity to expand their reach while keeping in touch with a new audience. Social media for business in Peterborough is an extremely effective marketing tool. It works for businesses of all shapes and sizes, along with different industries too.

When looking at social media for business in Peterborough you need to start with a plan. Think about your business goals for being on social media. What are you hoping to achieve by having a presence for your business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar platforms?

  • Do you want to increase your brand awareness?
  • Would you like more traffic to your website?
  • Are you keen to show off the people behind the brand?
  • Could you get sales for your business on social media?
  • Is it place you could share special offers?
  • Maybe it’s just a place to chat and engage with your audience?

Once you know what you want to achieve from being on social media, then you need to think about which social media platforms you need to be on. This will come down to who your target audience are and the social media platforms they are on. Think about what your audience want to see on their newsfeed and what they will engage with. What sort of message do you want to share, and how can it match the tone and voice of your brand?

If you’re thinking about social media for your business in Peterborough, then call our team. We can talk through you about the social media platforms you should be on. Our social media team can help you set up your accounts or manage them for you. We can post content on social media on behalf of your business. Alternatively, we can offer social media training to help you achieve more for your business online.

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