When it comes to Christmas, there is so much fun you can have with your marketing. In this blog post we have put together just five of the small business Christmas marketing ideas we have for you. However, if you want to check out some others then view our series of Seasonal Marketing blogs that are full of lots more ideas.

Our Top Five Small Business Christmas Marketing Ideas

  1. Bundles

Christmas gift bundles are a great way of getting your audience to spend more. They might upgrade to the bundle for one friend. Or they might upgrade to the bundle to get a smaller present for each of their friends. Christmas bundles are a great way of getting your customers to spend a little more money, for more treats.

2. Personalised Deals

You know your customers and what they like. Use this information to your benefit. Make some special personalised deals for your customers. This could be a discount on a product they purchased last year for example. If they always book a service with you in January, why not offer them a personalised deal now to ensure they come back this January?

3. Keywords

Think about what your audience want to find your business for. Use keywords as hashtags too, to help you on social media as well as helping your website online. Think about keywords and hashtags such as Christmas Orders, Gift Ideas, Stocking Filler Gifts and more. These are things people will be searching on Google and on their social media. By using these keywords and hashtags, you can make sure they find your business

4. Landing Page

Make your landing page festive and Christmassy. This could be as simple as a Santa hat on your logo or a Christmas tree next to your business name. However, it could be a brand-new landing page that is all about Christmas. Use this chance to thank your customers, inform them of your opening hours and postage times too. If your website is going to get busy this Christmas, then make sure your landing page screams Christmas.

5. Customer Support

If business picks up during the festive season, make sure your customers support team are ready. Have responses ready for these questions that are most likely to be asked. If you get a lot of frequently asked questions, then set up a page for these. We can write the content for you. You can then share a link to this page as an automatic response and it will resolve a lot of queries quickly.

Don’t forget, if you need more small business Christmas marketing ideas check out our seasonal marketing blog series.