Blogging for your business is a thing that you need to do. We have been in business for over 8 years, and we have been saying this constantly. However, you may still be unsure why you need to blog for your business. In this blog post we share our favourite six superb business blogging benefits.

We would like to think that by sharing these superb business blogging benefits with you, you’ll see just how beneficial blogging for your business could be. It’s an incredibly valuable marketing tool for your business.

Please see below for our six superb business blogging benefits. They have kindly been put together by DemandMetric. They will show just how many benefits there are to blogging for your business.

  • Did you know that 20% of time that people spend on time is spent browsing content? If you have great quality content online, this could be your content that they are reading.
  • Research shows that 68% of consumers will spend time reading about the brands that interest them. Can you create interesting content for your brand that your audience will enjoy engaging with?
  • A huge 80% of people claim that they appreciate learning about a business through their own unique content. How often do you create unique online content about your business for your audience?
  • It is reported that it costs 62% less to blog that to engage in traditional marketing techniques. Is it time that you look at your marketing budget and see where it is best spent?
  • Did you know that after reading content about a product or service, 60% of people will then seek out that service or product to purchase it. By having a blog on your website about the item they want to purchase, this will make the sale more likely to go to your business.
  • Interestingly, 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a company through articles as opposed to adverts. If you are spending all your budget on paid ads or adverts, you may want to consider putting some of it on blogs to attract this audience.

These are our six superb business blogging benefits. If you would like to see the benefits of blogging for your business, but you don’t want to write blogs yourself, call us. We can create blog posts for your business. We have a team of professional blog writers willing and able to boost your online presence through business blogging.