As you will have seen from previous blog posts and even some videos (if you’ve been unlucky enough to see them in your newsfeed) I am a member of Connect Business Networking breakfast event and I have taken to singing my pitches.

They say that you should make your pitches stand out and be memorable – what’s more memorable than singing?

So what have I been singing?

You know ‘Hello’ by Lionel Ritchie? This was the first song I sang my networking pitch too and it went like this;

“Helloooo, is it blogs you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile – it’s blogs you’ve always wanted, for now and evermore.”

I also sang, with glow sticks that “Blogs Got Power, Blogs Got Lots of Power” before a few short lines about the fact that we blog and what blogging is, before following with, to the tune of the famous CLUB chocolate biscuit advert “If you like a lot of content on your website, talk to me!”

You know the song DISCO? Not even that was safe from my singing as I took my networking pitch to the max with the following;

“BLOGS, BLOGS, Blogs, they’re brilliant, L, they’re lengthly, O they’re outstanding, G they’re really Gooodd, so o o – I said Blogs got power, blogs got lots of power, I said blogs got power, blogs got lots of power!”

I have read a nursery rhyme to the group;

“Mary Mary, from Peterborough, how does your business grow? With lots of fresh content, social media and blogs, that’s how my business grows.”

While this has been enjoyed by the room, it has also shown me as a fun and engaging business owner. I have sung every other meeting; in between I have shared a testimonial or details of my offerings so people still fully understand what my business does.

These videos have also been shared on social media so more people can see what I do, I start each pitch with my name and business name and end it in the same way – as it’s shared I am increasing my brand awareness and telling more and more people about what I do, and clearly showing how I am different to the competition.

So – have I tempted you to sing your next networking pitch?

Or maybe you’d like to come along to Connect Business Networking to see me sing?