Networking and business exhibitions really work for the team here at Creative Content Company. We like to think this is because we come across as friendly, engaging and down to earth. It could also be because we offer a service that business owners need, and we offer it at a great price too.

Alternatively, it could be because we offer a free stand at Serpentine Green to businesses that spend £100 or more with us for 6 months in a row.

Whatever the reason, networking events and business exhibitions are something that have helped our business grow. In brand awareness, confidence and sales.

This is why we had no hesitation in booking a stand at the next Showcase Networking in Peterborough event from Hannah Thompson of The Development Partner Networking group. This is an extremely low-cost event where you can promote your business and brand.

Each attending business has a stand and you can present your business from  this stand. Other attendees and stand holders walk around the event and chat freely about what you do and what they are looking for.

The Showcase Networking in Peterborough is a really nice laid back event that is well worth attending. 

The nice fact about the low-cost fee for the event is that lots of different people attend the event. Some businesses come from afar to promote their business in Peterborough. Other small businesses or brand new start-up businesses will attend as it is affordable.

Meanwhile the regular and well-known businesses around Peterborough will attend too as they know what a good event it is. They know how worthwhile their time at this event will be.

The Showcase Networking events are a really good event to attend for brand awareness in the local community. You can also choose the size of your table so you will not be left trying to fill a massive space, or trying to cram all your things on a tiny table.

At time of writing this blog post there were still stands available for this event. Please do book a stand if you can. I am confident that you and your business will not regret it!

I look forward to seeing you at the Showcase Networking in Peterborough .