You may have seen from photos on social media and previous blog posts that we recently attended Showcase Networking. We attended the Showcase Networking event in Peterborough during the month of July. We will soon be attending the same event, but this time the Showcase Networking in Grantham.

The benefit of Creative Content Company and offering digital services online, is that we can work with clients anywhere. Grantham really isn’t that far from Peterborough and it is a place I don’t think we have ever networked in before. This will be a really good chance for us to meet new businesses in a new area. Hopefully we will see some familiar faces from Peterborough too. 

Showcase Networking works really well because it is a low cost event. It is a mix between a networking event and a business exhibition. Each attendee books their own stand and sets out their offerings on the table. You can then wait for people to come to your table and hear about your business. You can go round the other tables too and meet the other businesses in the room and see what they offer.

The great thing about the event being a low cost is that it attracts different people than those attending those larger events which can be more expensive. This means there will be lots more business owners and people in business. This gives you a chance to meet lots more people from different industries, backgrounds, experiences and businesses.

At the time of writing this blog post, there were more stands still available at Showcase Networking in Grantham.

If you are free on the 12th September and you can attend this event then I would recommend that you book a stand.

Showcase Networking in Grantham is a great event for business confidence and brand awareness. If you’re there drop me a line so I can look out for you. Then we can have a catch up too.