As we have said before, there are lots of different social media platforms out there. All of them are different. They work in different ways and attract a different audience. Here at Creative Content Company we are often asked which platform a business should be on. It’s really dependent on the sort of business and who they are trying to engage with. So, should your business be on LinkedIn?

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is known as a social media platform for professionals. It was originally launched back in May of 2003. Its primary use was to connect professionals with fellow professionals. LinkedIn was a place for recruiters. Users would post their professional and educational experience, like a CV.

Over the years LinkedIn has grown and changed. While it is still a great place to find your next job or to showcase your professional experience, it’s more than that now. It’s still a professional platform, so you are unlikely to see the photos of cats, fake news, celebrity posts and jokes that are shared on Facebook, for example. That said, this is changing too.

Should Your Business Be on LinkedIn?

If you are a B2B company, selling to businesses, then yes. It’s a platform where people in business meet and engage. If your audience are teenagers, for example, then this may not be the best social media platform for you as it has a more mature audience. We always recommend LinkedIn as the best social media platform for B2B companies, because it’s often where your audience are.

How Should Your Business Be On LinkedIn?

This is a really interesting question and one we put in on purpose. Company pages on LinkedIn, at time of print, don’t work. Just as in the real world, people buy people. However, it’s more than that. Company pages are not seen in your news feed, but personal pages and posts are. This means you need to promote your business through your personal page, if possible.

That said, LinkedIn have been saying that they will ‘flip the switch’ and this will change. This has been said for the last 2 years, at least. We would recommend that you post on your personal page and your LinkedIn company page. This means if the switch is flipped, you are prepared and ready!

What do you think; should your business be on LinkedIn?

If you need help with posting on LinkedIn or want some LinkedIn training, drop our team a line.