We are often asked if images in social media posts should be something to do. The short answer is Yes.

The slightly longer, but more abrupt answer is Yes, if you want your social media posts to be seen.

However, if you are like us and want the answer and a reason why, then read on.

Research shows that posts on Twitter, (known as Tweets), with images are 150% more likely to be retweeted (shared by your audience) than a tweet without an image.

On Instagram the research shows that posts that include photos of faces will get around 38% more likes than photos on posts that do not show faces.

Meanwhile, the research for Facebook shows that posts on Facebook with photos included will get 2.3 times more engagement, on average, than posts without images on Facebook.

So what can we do with this information?

Images within posts on social media are what grab the users attention. These images stop people scrolling through social media pages and make them look at what you are sharing or promoting. 

When you share snippets of your blog posts with links back to the blog post, make sure you use the photo from the blog post.

When you go for a meeting with a client or a networking event, don’t just talk about it, take a photo. This could be a photo of you and the person you are meeting, a picture of the cake or coffee you’re enjoying or similar.

Wherever possible, include a photo in your social media posts. It will help get your posts seen by more people, get more engagement and get more likes too.

All of this is likely to help you convert those people that are thinking about buying what you do, they’re just not sure who to buy it from.

Try and target yourself to taking one photo a week as a minimum, and work it up from there. You’ll be surprised how natural taking photos for social media will become.