You may have seen the hashtag #TestimonialTuesday across social media. This is a hashtag that is often used by businesses to promote kind words that have been said about them or their business. So, should you use #TestimonialTuesday for your business? It’s a question we are often asked by clients and there really is no right or wrong answer. We share our thoughts on using the hashtag below, but first, let’s look at what it means.

The hashtag Testimonial Tuesday is used on a Tuesday. It is shared with a testimonial from a client. The business will then share a few words about how happy they are to see happy clients, etc. Sharing testimonials is a great way of promoting your business with the help of your clients words. Instead of you saying “we are amazing” your audience are doing it for you. This comes across a lot better for your business and brand.

So, should you use the hashtag #TestimonialTuesday ?

If you only have a few testimonials then we would recommend against it. Anything less than around 5 or 6 testimonials means that your social media posts will quickly look repetitive. The more testimonials you have, the better it will promote your business. Look for different ways to collect testimonials from your happy customers and make sure you get them shared.

That said, if you have lots and lots of testimonials, the use of #TestimonialTuesday might not be best for you.

Here at Creative Content Company we have over 150 testimonials for example. If we only shared one a week, it would take us 3 years to promote all the kind things our audience have said about us. In the meantime, we would have collected more testimonials from happy clients (hopefully). We share 3-5 posts a day on social media so it is easy for one of these to be a testimonial from a happy client.

Not sure if the use of #TestimonialTuesday is best for your business or not? Call our team of social media managers in Peterborough. We can talk through the best option for you, your business and your social media presence.