Here at the Creative Content Company, we work with a lot of new and start-up businesses. Understandable, they are trying to save as much money as possible while they set up their business. It often looks like outsourcing marketing overseas can save money, but does that mean you should outsource marketing overseas?

In a word – No. However, that is dependent on where you are outsourcing too. If it’s your social media marketing, blogging and social media you are looking to outsource, you need to think about where you are outsourcing too. Unless you outsource your marketing overseas to another native-English speaking country, you could end up in bother.

The content on your website and social media is likely to be the first thing your target audience see. If they are looking to support a local business, they will be put off by phrases that aren’t used in the UK, misspelling, American spelling or terms that aren’t used in the UK.

And if your audience want to support a local business – why don’t you?

I have worked for a marketing agency in the past and they looked to outsource their social media posting, blogging and content writing overseas. It isn’t easy! As the person in charge of finding blog writers overseas, I can tell you it was hard. Similar to finding a needle in a haystack in fact. Non-native English speakers that can write English at a high level, are hard to find. Then, if you do find them – they certainly won’t be as cheap as you were hoping.

While the initial low-price tag can be tempting and make you want to outsource your marketing overseas, the advantage can quickly disappear. You’ll find that you spend a lot of time searching for good quality writers. Then you’ll spend even more time editing and correcting their work too.

If you are looking to outsource your online marketing and don’t want it to cost the earth – why not give us a call. It might not be as much as you expect. Our prices are clear and transparent with no hidden fees.