Writers Block is a real thing and it really happens, if you are struggling with topics and experiencing a writer’s block for newsletter titles then we can help. We have put together this list of email newsletter topics for you, to help get those creative juices flowing!

Of course if you are still struggling with writers block for your business newsletter then contact us directly and we can write the content for your newsletter, leaving you to get on with what you’re really good at – running your business!

So here are some topic ideas for your newsletter that we have put together;

  • Talk about an upcoming event, exhibition, tradeshow or festival that you are hosting, participating in, exhibiting at or sponsoring. Include reasons as to why you are doing it and where they can get tickets along with where they can find you at the event.
  • Create a survey or poll for things that are relevant to your business or industry and ask receivers to complete the poll. Then create a follow-up newsletter revealing the results. Think of something that will be of interest to your audience and newsletter subscribers.
  • Shout about a brand new product or service that you are offering, maybe share a video of the service or product in use too?
  • A gift guide for an upcoming special occasion, such as Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter and other times when your subscribers may need to purchase gifts for loved ones.
  • If you have new members of the team share this, include a photo and a fun bio about their experience but also their favourite food, most embarrassing moment, favourite film, their pets, hobbies and such like.
  • Talk about an award you have been nominated for or an award you have win, share photos, the reasons you were nominated or won and how winning the award has made you feel.
  • Share details of a customer loyalty award or reward program and maybe launch a contest, competition or giveaway. Then have a follow up newsletter showing the winner with their prize.
  • Why not share details of a community event you are involved in or a local cause your are supporting, share details of the good things you are doing in the community and tell others how they can get involved too.

Pop back soon for even more ideas of topics for your business newsletters!