When setting up a profile for your business on Facebook the most important thing you need to do is opt for a business page and not a facebook account like you would if creating a page for yourself. So many people set up dummy accounts for their business and this goes against Facebook rules and guidelines.

Facebook are coming down on this quite heavily and if they see a personal profile on Facebook with a business name or being used solely for business then they will shut the page down. Depending on how extreme the account they will close it down with no warning, they will warn you it will soon be shut down or they will help you set up a business account and transfer your friends and followers across to the new business page, but you will lose the activity and posts that you have uploaded so your hard work will be wasted.

If you would like to have more than one person managing the Facebook business page you need to go to the business page, click on settings and then page roles. You can select ‘administrator’ and then enter the persons email address. However make sure they have been suitably trained on social media and they know what to post and what not to post on your Facebook business page.

You need to add a recognisable picture in the ‘profile picture’ space. Ideally this needs to be a company logo, or within a small business it could be the photo of the company owner or the group of people that will be managing the business page. You can then use the cover photo space to show the office, any special offers or new products that you are currently offering.

If you need help setting up your facebook business page or you would like a review of your facebook business page then give us a call – we’re always happy to help!