If you feel like you are the last person on the planet that doesn’t have a Twitter account, you know the importance of Twitter for your business but you haven’t got your account set up yet or you’re going to one of our social media workshops in Peterborough and you want to have a Twitter account before you attend then this is the article for you!

Setting up your Twitter account will only take a few minutes; so follow these simple steps now and you’ll soon be tweeting away till the birds come home!

* Go to Twitter.com and you’ll see a box that says ‘New To Twitter? Sign Up’ – pop in your name and email address and you’ll be well on your way.

* On the next screen you’ll need a name, a password and your username. It’s great if your username can be your company name and then your name is your real name. Remember that your username needs to be less than 15 characters

* If you are creating the Twitter account on your own computer tick the ‘keep me signed in on this computer’, but if you’re setting up the account on someone else’s computer or a shared computer then un-tick this box

* You can tick the box to have twitter tailored to you by what else you look at on the internet, or not – this just means the sponsored ads you see will be more tailored to you.

* Then you need to click on ‘Create My Account’ – and you have a twitter account!

See, we told you it was very easy – and it’s not even that painful. If you are struggling with any part of creating your Twitter account then give us a call. Part two of creating your Twitter account will be coming up soon and it will explain who to follow, how to add a picture and uploading your twitter bio.

Remember, twitter isn’t scary when you’ve got the Creative Content Company on hand to help you!