It’s important that the content is written to make search engine robots like it and understand what you do so they can rank you higher on websites, but you also need to make the content engaging and interesting for the visitors that these search engines bring to your website. You have to remember that you are writing content for your visitors and potential clients as well as search engines.

The content on your website pages needs to be relevant to the title of the website page. If for example you are a hairdresser and you have a page about haircuts for weddings, writing about a popular football team to get more visits to your page will not help. Google will see you’re trying to cheat them and the visitors you get to the website page will not be potential clients that will buy your products or services in the future.

If you have a lot of facts to get across in a blog post or website page, try using bullet points or lists. If articles go over about 800 words people are not as interested, they will get bored or find other ways they can spend their time. Always aim to write content between 300 and 600 words.

Make sure you get someone else to proofread your work; it can be hard to proofread what you write so get someone else to check over it for you.

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Here at Creative Content Company in Peterborough I am often asked what SEO friendly content actually is. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and content (in this form)is anything written words on your website from website pages, blog posts, articles, latest news and such like.

SEO friendly content is written content on your website that makes Google (and other search engines) like you, which puts your website ranking higher on search engines, such as Google and therefore makes it easier for your target audience and potential clients to find you, your services and products.