Who doesn’t love a panto? Oh, no you don’t? Of course you do, I can see that excitement creeping up behind you. That’s right – I said it’s behind you!

Okay, enough of the pantomime puns; it’s time to get serious.

Little Miracles is an incredible charity in Peterborough and across the East Midlands. They help children with autism and other life limiting illnesses. They have a day centre, support for the child and families of the child, end of life support, funeral care, counselling and so much more. You name it – they do it!

On top of this they try and create amazing memories for those children and their families that need additional care or support. This could be a day ice skating, bowling trip, DisneyLand, soft play and more.

This Christmas they want to give the families they help the chance to go to the pantomime. Can you help send a family to panto? A lot of families needing help and support from Little Miracles have to give up work to support their child and give them the care they need. This means that available money is not always available, especially for little treats like a trip to the pantomime.

Here at Creative Content Company we love going to the panto, in fact in the past our founder Hazel was in St Neots Pantomime for about 5-6 years in a row! We have such fond memories of the panto and going on a big family trip to see the pantomime, boo-ing the baddies and cheering at the end.

We are donating 2 family tickets to Little Miracles to pay for 2 families of children they support, so they can go to the pantomime this Christmas.

It is just £30 for a family ticket or £7.50 for a ticket for a child. If this is something you can afford and you want to send a family to panto, please contact Hazel who will connect you with Little Miracles to complete your donation. Alternatively please contact the team yourself and ask for Michelle.

Imagine how happy you could make a family in need; if just for a few hours their stresses and worries will be at the back of their minds, while they enjoy some good old fashioned family fun.