Last year we attended Peterborough Biscuit as a guest and we had a fantastic time meeting new businesses and catching up with old businesses; as regular attendees of Chamber of Commerce business fairs we chose not to have a stand at this event, but when we saw all the other brilliant businesses in attendance we knew we had to sign up for their next event.

So we have!

On Wednesday 7th February between 9am and 5pm we will be at Peterborough Biscuit to help them make their 2nd year of this event, another huge success.

We have a fun game that is being designed as we speak and we know attendees of the event will love; especially as there is a prize every time with some awesome prizes up for grabs!

It is expected that over 400 businesses will be in attendance either with stands or just coming along for the day to see what’s going on.

The Peterborough Biscuit gives you the chance to promote your business within your local community; who doesn’t want customers on their own doorsteps???

It also allows you to check out services and products available locally, you can build your business skill sets through some great speakers, trainers and presenters while learning from industry professionals, gaining vital contacts and grabbing some free marketing goodies while you’re at it too!

PLUS you get the chance to see me and maybe win a free website review, blog post or pen – and I can assure you that I will have other goodies up for grabs too.

A business exhibition event like this is an excellent opportunity for you to network with likeminded people in your local area and build relationships; for us, we have got slightly lazy with using just Creative Networking as our only networking and we have been lowering our exhibition stands with Chamber of Commerce each year.

While business hasn’t yet suffered from us doing this, we know if we don’t keep getting out there and showing our faces that it soon will do – that’s the main reason we have booked a stand and confirmed our attendance at Peterborough Biscuit to ensure that Creative Content Company is a well known and respected business in Peterborough.