If you are a regular reader of our blog posts then you’ll know by now that the team here at Creative Content Company are all-for doing things to make others happy, sharing smiles and performing random acts of kindness. We recently came across Secret Letters To Strangers via Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre Peterborough and knew this was something we were keen to get involved in and share.

So, during the month of August people around the world are being encouraged to leave a letter somewhere for someone to find it. There is a template letter that leaves space for you to write a message and then an explanation of the project and letter at the base (so it doesn’t come across too creepy).

The template can be found here;

And you can leave your letters anywhere. For example we have a young family that live near us and the mother / wife sadly died of cancer recently so I will be writing an anonymous letter to the dad and family to let them know someone is thinking of them.

I was also thinking of places where people may be feeling low, such as in a waiting room at the doctors, near the medicines in a supermarket and similar places; as well as the obvious options like a library or a coffee shop.

Having read what other people have been saying and leaving has left me knowing I will feel excited after leaving the letter in a hidden place for a random person to collect; but I know that sometimes a random compliment or some nice words are just what I need on a day I am feeling low.

This is a random act of kindness that I am more than happy to get involved in and I hope it not only brings a smile to the face of the receiver but also spreads smiles across Peterborough; and if you can get involved too maybe spread smiles across the world!

What do you reckon; are you up for it? 

If you are unable to download the template please email me for a copy of the template to print off yourself.