When you run your own business there are always lots of things on your to-do list; there are lots of things to get done now, to do at some point and that you would like to do at some time. Yet sometimes that ‘time’ never seems to come around and nothing gets done.

Of course you could get a virtual assistant or someone like us to outsource your work to, but if you don‘t have the budget or want to do it yourself then automation is the way to go!

You think we go on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter 5 times a day to share a new post? If we did we wouldn’t get any work done. Instead we automate it.

We use Hootsuite as a social media scheduling tool and the last week of the previous month and the first week of the new month we schedule ‘stuff’ for the month ahead. This will include events we have coming up, meetings booked in the diary, happy client testimonials, links to blog posts and so much more.

By scheduling our social media we know that no matter how manic the weeks ahead get, something is going out on our social media pages. We often work with clients for this exact reason, doing social media management. We schedule the posts, one a day, for the month ahead – then they can add bits as and when they have the time.

We use Mailchimp to schedule our email newsletters too. We will choose a list and design and create newsletters for each month, once a month, for the next 6-9 months. Once again, no matter how chaotic things get, we know our monthly newsletters will go out.

If using your time wisely is at the top of your list then why not look at automating your marketing? But if you haven’t even got time for that, then why not outsource your work to us and we can give you that time back.

We also offer Mailchimp Training and Hootsuite Training to help make your automating even easier!