Here at Creative Content Company, we work as blog writers for a wide range of clients and industries. Some of these clients have weekly blogs and some have twice-weekly blogs. A few have bio-weekly blog posts for their business, while some have 10-20 a month. It really is dependent on the business, their needs and their budget.

We are all about helping businesses achieve more online. We know that some smaller and start-up businesses may not have lots of money sat in the bank waiting to be spend. So, we wanted to make an offer to these smaller businesses that want monthly blog posts.

Our blogs posts are around 300-500 words as standard. They include keywords and are written in an SEO friendly manner. Each blog post is sent to the client as a word document via email. The client can then check the blog and see if they want any changes made. We will make changes on 2 occasions, within 3 months. Very often the changes are very small, and client will make the changes themselves.

So, each of these blog posts are £40 each. If you were to have one blog post a month this would cost your business £480 over the year. Just so you know, we don’t currently charge VAT.

However, we have a special offer, which we run during the December of each year. You can request a years’ worth of blog posts for just £355. This will be a saving of £125 in 2022. You really can save money with a year of blogs.

Included in the cost of £355 for the year you will receive 15 blog post ideas from Hazel. You can pick and choose from these blog posts or give us your own ideas too. You will be sent each blog post by the 21st of each month.

On top of this, we will still class you as a monthly client. This means that you will still be entered into our monthly client raffle where you could win an awesome prize.

Further to that, we also offer you extra blog posts at £35 per blog post. This will save you £5 per blog post. If for example something exciting happens in your industry, you launch a new product or win an award, then we can create a blog post for you on that topic.

Want to know more about how to save money with a year of blogs? Call our blog writers in Peterborough now.