How do you think people feel about your business? Do they love what you have helped them achieve for themselves? How do they feel about the products or services that your business offers? What do they think about you? Does your business portray your core values? Do you live and work in the way that people would expect from your marketing messages? This is what I have been thinking about since watching The Barbie Movie.

For those that haven’t seen The Barbie Movie, let me give you a brief overview. Don’t worry, they’ll be no spoilers here. Stereotypical Barbie wakes up in her see-through house and says Hello to all the other Barbies. There’s Lawyer Barbie, President Barbie, Newsreader Barbie, Astronaut Barbie and more. All the Barbies are female and have their own high-end, inspirational job roles. These help girls dream that they can become anything they want and do any job they want.

Stereotypical Barbie believes that this is what the world looks like and what she has helped to create. One day she comes to the real world, and it isn’t like that at all. The Barbie World isn’t a thing in the real world.

This is where I have been thinking about business. If your business is the Barbie World of what you think people do and think about your business, is it right? Do you know that the real world loves the world your business is creating as much as you think?

One part of The Barbie Movie saw Barbie going to the Head Office of Mattel. She asks to see the CEO, COO and CFO and is shocked to see they are all male. Not a single female on the Directors Board. What are you stating as your core values and does your business meet these, every day?

That’s all, just my take on The Barbie Movie – which is actually a really good film. You should definitely go and see it.