As many of you will have seen, and some of you may have even attended, we are running monthly Review Days at Bewiched in Peterborough. This is a free review service that we are offering to businesses in Cambridgeshire, it’s a chance for them to get an outside opinion of their website and social media, and also to ask those questions that they may feel silly asking publicly.

The day was a huge success; we managed to see 12 clients in one day and although exhausted by the end of the day there was a real sense of achievement. Each review went really well and each business person left with a little bit of homework (and a KitKat that we gave them to make life a little easier!).

We spoke with brand new businesses, businesses that had just started using social media and businesses that had been using social media but just wanted to check that they were heading in the right direction.

The feedback from the event was quite overwhelming with one attendee saying “You’re actually a really clever cookie!” – This was a huge compliment from a business person that we have often looked up to for the way in which the business he works for is going – it’s a very successful business.

We set up the review day to give businesses a chance to look at their business from the outside, but because we often have clients that are cared to ask what they think are very silly questions when really they are not. This event gave people in a business a chance to find these answers out.

Of course there is no limit on how free reviews each business can have, in fact we are looking forward to seeing some of the businesses that went to the first event at our second event to catch up on how they are getting on with their homework.

It was great to have one of the people in business, who we had never met before, recommend our review day to someone else. And obviously it was brilliant to be able to spend the day in Bewiched drinking delicious beverages and eating yummy cakes.

Are you coming to our next website and social media review day?