As with every 4th Thursday of the month, we will running our Creative Networking Breakfast in Peterborough on Thursday 25th May, and as always there will be great networking opportunities and a wonderful Guest Speaker for our event.

Each of our breakfast networking events in Peterborough begins from 7.45am where there is a chance to add and take marketing materials to the bumf table, sign yourself in and grab a hot or cold drink before networking with other attendees.

We will then take to our seats and after a short welcome we will take turns completing a 60 second pitch to the room, telling others who we are, what we do, connections we are looking for and such like.

This is followed by breakfast (which is included in the price), you can help yourself to more hot and cold beverages, full English breakfast items including sausage, bacon, bubble and squeak, beans, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, black pudding and such like – as well as other breakfast items including toast, pancakes, crumpets, croissants, fruit, yogurt, cereals, porridge and much more before returning to your seat for table networking.

This will be followed by our guest speaker, which is again included in the price for the event. This month we have Jim Doyle;

International speaker and personal energy manager Jim J Doyle has worked with clients around the world for more than 11 years. Jim is the creator of the Personal Energy Management System for transformation from limiting living to confident success. Clients include world class speakers, multinational CEO’s and entrepreneurs. As a Technology Manager, Jim found it hard to get his ideas understood; conventional video training failed to improve his personal presence and communication skills.

In his search of solutions, Jim studied mindset techniques, target shooting, meditation, and energy healing which he has combined to achieve extraordinary breakthrough results for clients at all levels.

This is the essence of his Personal Energy Management System which can be adapted to boost performance in leadership, presentation skills, business performance and even health;

• Clients have achieved breakthrough in long term issues leading to remarkable improvements. 

• Career paths unblocked with promotion and salary increase. 

• Speaker impact boosted at world class level. 

• Client de-stressed and helped to win multi million dollar patent lawsuit • Confidence and health transformations at many levels

Title: Release Your Limits

A fun interactive session exploring how you can understand, measure and manage your personal energy to transform your personal impact in both business and personal life.

You will gain insight into how you set your limits, and may be holding yourself back from the achievements you crave.

Booking in advance is recommended as the venue only holds up to 35 attendees. Payment of £12 cash is taken on arrival and it is highly recommended you bring your business cards too.

Guests, friends, colleagues and business contacts are welcome too, so please spread the word and share details of this event with others.