We all know the importance of blogging regularly for your business. But sometimes blog post ideas can be hard to come up with. In this blog post we have put together 5 blog post ideas for recruitment agencies.

These are completely free of charge. If you would like to use these blog post ideas for your recruitment agency feel free. However, if blogging just isn’t for you, then why not contact us directly and we can create these blog posts for you.

  1. How To Get Experience In Marketing

In this blog post you can list ways to get marketing experience for your CV that will then help bag the marketing job. Discuss different options such as working closely with a marketing team at your current job, volunteering for a large company in the marketing department or working in the marketing department of a charity in your spare time. Explain how this marketing experience can be highlighted in the CV.

2. Bagging A Job In Sales

This blog post is a list of top tips for getting that job in sales. Share tips for the CV and the cover letter. Follow this with interview tips and talk about the questions the candidate can ask the interviewer to make them stand out from the other candidates.

3. What To Look For In A Sales Manager

Through this blog post you will be telling the client what they need to think about when recruiting a new sales manager. Think about the skills and experiences the employer needs to see in a sales manager but also talk about company culture. Go on to explain the importance of a sales manager in the business and why you need to find the right one.

4. How To Tell If Staff Are Unhappy

Use this blog post as like a checklist for clients to tell if they have unhappy staff. Talk about how to improve staff morale and company culture. However, round up the blog post by talking about the negative affect unhappy staff have on a business and how a new breath of fresh air can save the team morale.

5. Using Social Media For Recruitment

This would be a blog post that is relevant for all industries and employers. Talk about how you can look at candidates on social media to see the sort of people they are. Also talk about how they should be representing themselves on social media and the potential of employing a person into their business to look after online brand presence.