We have been in business for over three and a half years now and our business has grown and grown through recommendations and word of mouth (as well as other things). We love to hear from people that have been recommended to us – but we also always want to make sure that the people that recommend us and tell others how great we are get rewarded, so we offer a free blog post.

Now of course there are some terms and conditions to this offer, but it’s nothing tricky – because we don’t want people that help us to have to jump through hoops.

All we ask is that the person tells us that they have been recommended to us and who by, alternatively you can email or call us to say that you have recommended someone to us and tell us who it is you have recommended to us – so when they call we know where the recommendation comes from.

Alternatively if you speak to someone that you know needs our help you can drop us an email or give us a call with their contact details and we will do the rest; contacting them, seeing how we can help and beginning work with them.

As soon as the client begins work with us and their first invoice is paid, as long as it is over £100 you will receive one free blog post, this will continue for as long as the client stays with us. Some of our clients have been with us over three years now, so you can have one free blog a month for a very long time.

However, if you send two clients our way and both come in under £100, but together they come in at £100 then we will still give you one free blog post a month for as long as both clients stay with us and continue paying their invoices.

But, and it is a good but – if you send us more than one client that we invoice over £100 each we will give you one free blog post per client over £100 for as long as they stay with us. There is no limit on how many free blog posts you can receive but we want to make sure that those people that spread our brand and recommend us and rewarded for doing so.

Just think how many free blog posts you could receive every month?