In previous blog posts we have spoken about evergreen content. We have discussed what evergreen content means and how to come up with great evergreen blog post ideas too. However, in this blog post we would like to talk about the top reasons to create evergreen content for your business and your website.

  • By creating evergreen content, you are driving prospects to your sales funnel, all the time. By using cleaver titles for your evergreen content, this content can then be used as an important part of your sales funnel, as it is always relevant.
  • Through creating evergreen content, you are able to continually drive traffic to your website. The engaging and interesting evergreen content that you wrote 3 years ago, is just as interesting and engaging now. This means people will search for and find this content and this will continually direct traffic to your website.
  • If you create evergreen content on a regular basis you will improve the search engine ranking of your website. Google will see each of your blog posts and the keywords you want to be found for. The more content you have that is relevant, and evergreen, will help you rank higher on search engines.
  • Evergreen content helps you position your business and brand as an industry leader. Due to the content being evergreen, it is continuously relevant and up to date. This means it can be read by anyone at any time. The fact that it is informative and professional, means that you’ll come across as an industry leader, to every reader of the content.
  • Your evergreen content will enable you to connect with your audience on social media. You can share snippets of the evergreen blog posts on your social media profiles. This can include links back to the blog posts too. This will give you great quality content to share on social media, throughout the year, for many years.

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