We recently had an urgent call from one of our clients. This led to us being able to give you this real life example of the benefits of having a blog writer. The client offers fire safety for domestic and commercial clients. For over 5 years now, we have been writing their website content and blog posts. We also manage their social media posting and presence. When they need to boost their online presence for a specific reason, they knew just who to call.

So, on Thursday there was some new funding created for fire safety. This funding was made available to clients and potential clients of our client. The funding pot had £27 million in it. Understandably, our client wanted to help their clients and potential clients know about this funding pot and how they could support eligible people with it.

The client called us Monday lunchtime and asked what we could do. After a quick search on Google none of their competition were ranking for relevant keywords and phrases for this topic. This meant that the world was our oyster. We were one of the first to be able to get the news out there.

Here art Creative Content Company, this is something we are used to. We often have clients that need blog posts urgently to talk about breaking news and so on. Based on this, we make sure work is never left to the last minute. This means that if ‘urgent blogs’ are required, we can get onto them quickly.

By the end of Monday, we had three blog posts written for the client on the requested topic. Each was for a different keyword or key phrase. The blog posts all linked to each other to boost SEO. There were lots more blog posts researched and ready to be written too. We were ready to ensure that this client was ranking for the required keywords and search terms before any of the competition got a look in.

This is a real life example of the benefits of having a blog writer. Due to the relationship that we have with this client it meant a 5-minute conversation and we were on the case. There was no need to discuss the details of the business or direction of the company. We just got started.

Want to benefit from having a great relationship with a local blog writer? Call our team of bloggers in Cambridgeshire now.