We previously created a blog post that spoke about internal links and how beneficial these are to a business website, the SEO and online presence of your business but also how they offer easy site navigation for the visitor to your website; but since writing this blog post we have been having lots of conversations about how people can use internal links on their own websites and where they can be inserted so we have created this blog post to give you some quick internal link solutions that you can input yourself.

Home Page

  • On your home page you can have a brief explanation of your services and products that you offer, from this you can link through to the individual serviced / products or the service / product page.
  • You can have testimonials for your business and a link that goes through to the testimonial page – the same can be done for your gallery page if you have photos of what you do and a gallery of the work you have completed.
  • An overview of the company also looks good on a home page and this could be just a few lines which then link through to the about us page where the visitor to your website can find out more about who you are, what you do and more about the company history or why you do what you do in the way you do it.

Services / Products Page

  • Ideally you will have more than one product or service and this can be a services page that lists all the products or services you offer with a few lines about each. This can then link through to the individual page for that product or service and would be where you go into more detail.
  • Have links to the testimonials page where people are raving about your products, services and what you do.
  • Opt for a ‘why choose us’ type line and then link this through to the about us page where you talk more about the business, why you are different to others and why the business was set up.

Contact Us Page

  • On this page you can say something along the lines of “if you would like to meet the team…” and then link through to the about us page or meet the team page as a place to see who the team are.
  • You can talk about the different services or products you offer and who the visitor to your website needs to talk to about each one; and again link to each service or product page.
  • Why not use this page as another place to brag about how great your clients are? Again, show a few testimonials you’ve received (different to the home page) and then link through to the testimonials page.

Of course the other obvious place for internal links is your blog posts, for example you’ll see we have included internal links on this blog post for you, while they are there to help you and give examples they will also help with our SEO so it’s a win – win, which is exactly what internal links should be.