Let’s get down to basics; you want your website to be found right? Of course you do! If you are selling pink umbrellas in Peterborough then you want someone to type ‘pink umbrellas in Peterborough’ into Google and for your website to come up in the search engine results.

To get found for the keywords of the products or services you sell you need to put these keywords in to your website content so Google robots can easily see what you are offering and which visitors to send to your website.

Each of your website pages should have SEO friendly content that is aimed around similar keywords. Using our pink umbrellas in Peterborough company as an example, you could use similar keywords like pink umbrella in Peterborough, buy pink umbrellas in Peterborough, pink umbrellas for sales in Peterborough and such like.

While including new variations of your keywords try not to optimise the page for more than 4 or 5 keywords as this then may confuse the Google robots and it will be nearly impossible to maintain the value of the website page when you use multiple variations of keywords and different keywords.

To create effective website content that is SEO friendly you need to be narrow with your goal with targeted pages of very relevant, well written and unique website content.

The website content you create should be 100% relevant to the chosen keywords for your business as well as being useful for the visitor to your website, don’t keyword stuff or create sentences that don’t make sense just to use keywords as this will look bad to the visitor of your website.

Creating filler text that is just full of keywords will not be of value to your visitors and will most likely increase your bounce rate and decrease page views and even sales to your business. Trickery will not work with search engines like Google and will not give you long term rankings.