The Web Marketing Agency recently did some research into social media marketing to see if it really worked for businesses. Here at Creative Content Company, we offer social media marketing. We use it as a marketing tool for our own business and it works. So, we offer it as an online marketing service to our clients too.

But does social media marketing really work? Here’s the proof from some research by The Web Marketing Agency.

  • Business owners report that social media produces twice as many leads than trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing or even pay-per-click adverts.
  • Social media conversion rates are reported to be 13% higher that average lead conversion rates, as reported by business owners.
  • 46% of online users report to relying on social media when making their own, personal buying decisions.
  • 63% of companies state that posting content on social media platforms has increased their marketing effectiveness throughout the business.
  • Research shows that 67% of users on Twitter are more likely to buy or use a service from a brand or company that they are following on Twitter.

These are just five statistics that prove that social media marketing really works. If you have tried social media for your business before and stopped because it didn’t work, there may be a few reasons for that. Maybe you were posting the wrong content, not posting enough or posting too much?

You may not have given your brand a good enough chance on social media and needed to keep going for just a few more months. Social media marketing success doesn’t happen overnight, unfortunately.

It may also have been that your business was on the wrong social media platform, or your audience were not in the same places as you.

Social media marketing really works for all businesses and industries. It’s just about posting the right content, in the right way, at the right time, in the right places. That’s something that our social media posters can help your business with.