Creating a marketing campaign or online strategy can be tricky for a business owner and sometimes it may feel easier to go for the ‘scatter-gun’ approach where you talk about everything to everyone – but sometimes this is not the best option for some businesses and this is why we often recommend, to those smaller companies or newer businesses trying to promote themselves for everything, that they pick a topic – any topic.

Take the time to choose a topic, one part of your business that you want to promote and then spend a whole month promoting that one topic; that one part of your business. This then gives your target audience the chance to fully understand that part of your business. Then the next month choose a new topic and just focus on that topic for a whole month so your audience will slowly learn more about your business and the different services / solutions that your business can offer them.

If for example you are a cleaning company; you could use one month to promote that you clean offices, another to clean homes, another talking about deep cleaning, another month on end of tenancy cleans and such like. Put together a list of all the different topics you could choose to promote for a month and then choose a month for them that suits. For example, if you clean schools you don’t want to promote that during a school holiday when nobody is at work.

Once you have chosen the topic you ideally want at least one blog post (ideally one a week for the month as a minimum) about that chosen topic; then share links to that blog post on your social media accounts and promote the services you offer and tie them in to the chosen topic of that month.

Use keywords in the blog post that promote that topic in the local area; especially if you are looking for local work. Also put a link in your newsletter to the blog posts and focus the newsletter around that topic. See if you can create a special offer for that topic and share that for the full month but maybe also introduce a like and share competition on social media with a one-off gift or prize that fits with the chosen topic.

If you need help create a marketing campaign, online digital strategy or even coming up with monthly topics then please contact us; we would be more than happy to help you achieve the most for your business online.