After such a good response from Creative Networking attendees to our blog post explaining we would be supporting the Peterborough Rape Crisis Care Group by collecting toiletries and sanitary products for the voluntary group that we decided we could easily support Peterborough Food Bank too.

As of 1st October there will be a collection box for all donations of food for those in Peterborough who need to rely on the supplies from Peterborough Food Bank at all Creative Networking events in Peterborough including Creative Networking Breakfast, Creative Networking Coffee Mornings, Creative Networking Speed Networking Lunches and also all Creative Content Company blogging and social media workshops.

We would love it if each time an attendee came to our Creative Networking events they could donate something to our collection, however this is not a demand, just a small request, or even a suggestion to help make things easier for those struggling in Peterborough.

If you are unsure of what sort of things you could donate to Peterborough Food Bank through the Creative Networking collections, we have put some ideas below for you;

  • Canned Meat – Not just tuna and soup which is frequently donated, but also canned beef, canned ham and ready to go meals like chilli or stew.
  • Canned Vegetables – the most common donated canned vegetable is green beans so try and opt for potatoes, carrots, peas, sweetcorn and any other vegetables that you and your family would enjoy.
  • Tinned Fruit – Pineapple is an incredibly popular donated tinned fruit and although welcome other fruit in fruit juice would be very welcome.
  • Cereal – low sugar cereal would be a recommended donation, such as cornflakes, coco pops, cheerios and similar.
  • Sandwich Spreads – sandwich spreads such as jam, peanut butter, chocolate spread, lemon curd and similar sandwich fillers are much appreciated too.
  • Beans & Pasta – Beans, pasta and pasta sauce are frequently donated to food banks but they are also very well received by those in need.
  • Hot Drinks – Hot drink products like tea bags, tinned milk, coffee granules, hot chocolate powder and sugar are all very well received too and often not thought of.

Of course any donations are welcome; these are just some suggestions of some products that Peterborough Food Bank would like. We will then deliver the products to Peterborough Food Bank on your behalf and make sure they go to the right people from there.