Are you looking at a way you can support a local charity and have a great fun night-in; and maybe even win some money? Then we can help!

The team here at Creative Content Company are running a charity bingo event to raise essential funds for Peterborough Reads. Peterborough Reads is part of National Literacy Trust. This is a charity the Creative Content Company team have volunteered for before and want to help them more.


Peterborough Reads in a community driven campaign developed to inspire the love of reading and improve Peterborough’s low literacy levels. Partners including Peterborough City Council, City College, Vivacity and The National Literacy Trust teamed up to launch events and provide resources and books to thousands of local children, who live in the most disadvantaged areas of the city.

Children in Peterborough have some of the poorest literacy skills in the UK. Low literacy significantly impacts children’s lives and without action, will hold them back at every stage of their life.

  • 52% of children in Peterborough’s disadvantaged areas left Primary School unable to read at the national standard last year
  • Whilst an improving picture, Peterborough towards the bottom of the national ranking tables for Key Stage 2 reading and writing attainment
  • 1 in 11 children in the most disadvantaged areas of Peterborough do not own a single book at home. These children are three times less likely to read above the expected level for their age than children who own books.

Peterborough Reads works with local schools, in communities and with families from the hardest hit areas to provide additional resources, programmes, support and motivation to inspire more children to enjoy reading; helping them to improve their reading attainment and their futures.

Peterborough’s low literacy levels are everyone’s business and together, with support from you and your business, we can create change and break the cycle in our city.


It’s a virtual event that takes place on Zoom. Once you have paid £5 pp you will get the link. You can either play your card through the link on a mobile device, or print it off and grab a dabber / felt pen to mark the numbers off.

I will read out the numbers twice, and you mark them off. There will be a £5 cash prize for 1 line and a £10 cash prize or £25 Amazon voucher for a full house.

It is £5 per person, and the whole family are welcome.

There is a drinking version of this bingo game which you can get involved in. We ‘drink’ on the number 3, numbers with 3 in or multiples of 3. You can play the bingo whether you are drinking or not.


Please send a direct message to Creative Content Company or email [email protected] and we will send you the details to sign up, get your tickets and pay.


Sphere RHSM and Peterborough Biscuit have kindly sponsored this event for us. When asked why they said;

“Our companies are steeped in rich history when it comes to Peterborough with two generations of born and bred Peterborians working for both SPHERE RISK HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT AND THE PETERBOROUGH BISCUIT.

We know the Peterborough Reads/Literacy Trust very well as they are exhibitors of the biscuit and we have worked closely with them on event support and marketing. When we heard that Peterborough’s reading level were where they were, we as a company had to act to help.

We were fortunate enough to be read to as children which is a luxury in this day and age. We are very proud to be sponsoring this event as we are helping the next generation become literate, if you can read and write you can truly do anything in the world, whether that be start a business of your own, excel in being an excellent employee or being the next safety bod in your place of work.”

However, you can donate a £25 amazon voucher as the prize for the full house.


Creative Content Company are donating their time and marketing for free. They have paid for the bingo tickets and enhanced zoom for the event. Apart from the winnings, all monies will go to the stated charity. If businesses sponsor the event or donate a prize, more money will go to the charity.