The Peterborough Biscuit Business Exhibition took place recently, and it was a huge success for us. It’s important to note that there were less exhibitors, due to covid safety and restrictions. There also seemed to be less visitors. This is likely to be due to a feeling of ‘nervousness’ about the ‘new normal’. Bit, despite all that – it was a great event.

For a start, Edward and his team at Peterborough Business ensured the event was a success. The instructions before the event were brilliant. All the stands were well laid out. There was ample space between exhibitors, and it felt safe. Exhibitors were encouraged to lateral flow test before the event. Again, this just reassured those exhibiting that it would be a safe event.

The day itself was brilliant. Edward welcomed all the exhibitors and thanked them for their support. Steven Smith then opened the event talking through the last few years of struggles and how we should be celebrating at this great event.

Throughout the event there were brilliant guest speakers and an incredible singer too. The mood at the exhibition was really positive. This is what created success for the Peterborough Biscuit. They set a positive scene and opened in a positive way. It set the mood for the day, perfectly.

Business wise, for us – it was brilliant. We had 11 people we met on the day to follow up with. By the end of the following day 5 had booked meetings online and one had called to book a face to face. Not only were business owners keen to attend the event, but the visitors to the event were also keen to kick start business relationships.

It was a brilliant event. There were loads of new and local businesses we hadn’t come across before. Some of these were small businesses that had started up during lockdown. This was their first exhibition and chance to show what they had to offer.

We feel that the success of Peterborough Biscuit is down to the fact that they really are there for the local business community. Exhibition stands are offered at different price levels to suit all businesses, their budgets and whatever stage the business is at.

As always, we were honoured to be asked to be Blogging Partners for the 2022 event. We are now keeping our fingers crossed for 2023 as we love being part of this fantastic event, created for the local business community.