If you have ever met us, you’ll know one phrase we say more than any other is that ‘people buy people’. Business is personal. This is especially the case as a smaller business. When you’re competing with the big companies, it will be your personal values and morals that shine through. This is why personal business blog posts (like below) are a great ideas.

When we say ‘personal business blog post ideas’ we aren’t talking about what you did at the weekend. Instead, we are talking about the person behind the business. What makes your business awesome and why should people buy from you? Below we share some personal business blog post ideas to get you started.

  • Who Are You?

Even you haven’t done this sort of blog post before, you need to do it. This can be an individual blog post for you and your team. A nice way of doing the ‘who are you’ blog posts is in the form of an interview. Leave the questions and the answers in the blog post. Think of it like an interview in a magazine.

  • What Do You Solve?

Think about the problems that you solve for customers and talk about these. These problems can be used as titles for the blog posts. To make it even more personal, use real life examples and include photos where possible. This could be done in the traditional format of a blog post. Alternatively, it could be done like a case study. Think about what would work better for you and your audience.

  • Behind The Scenes

The ‘behind the scenes’ posts work really well on social media. They can also be great for personal business blog post ideas too. Maybe your hairdressing team are doing a wedding? You could share a blog of step by step what happens with real photos. As an event planner, you could record each step of the event planning process from start to finish. This could then be turned into a series of blog posts. It could also be one blog post that is constantly updated. This is dependent on how much content and updates you have to share.

  • Public Speaking Events

Are you presenting or speaking at an event? Create a blog post to tell your audience about the event. Include the details for the event and how to book. Talk about why you have been asked to speak. Include what you will be talking about and what attendees can get out of the event too. Once the event has taken place share a blog about how it went. You could include feedback from attendees too.

These are just four of our personal business blog post ideas. If you need any more blog post ideas, check out our blog here, or call our team.