The amazing guys at Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre in Peterborough also known as the #SoulHappyTribe headed up by the fantastic Kim are using Pay It Forward Day on Wednesday 27th April to create a ripple effect of random acts of kindness throughout Peterborough.

The idea of Pay It Forward Day is to encourage everyone to give just one good deed, one good deed doesn’t sound like much – but one good deed per person can help all of us to become better people and create a more united community for everyone.

I have signed up Pay It Forward Day with Kim and the #SoulHappyTribe and will be joining them for all of the 5 events planned, but I would also like to encourage you to come along and join us for one or more of the events on Pay It Forward Day or dates running up to this day – alternatively you could organise your own Pay It Forward activities (that I would certainly love to hear about).

As well as volunteers to come along to the different events and help us out, we are also looking for some photographers and videographers, maybe some journalists and writers too that can help promote the Pay It Forward day and share with others what we have been up to?

#SoulHappyTribe, Kim and I encourage you to be the change you wish to see in the world and make someone smile on Pay It Forward Day, with a random act of kindness.

Here is how you can get involved;

Thursday 20th April – We are collecting unwanted clothes, food and emergency parcels at Holiday Inn, Peterborough (opposite ASDA and Pets at Home). Alternatively you can pass your donations to me at a Creative Networking event or to my office?

Sunday 23rd April – From 4pm until 6pm we are meeting at Fletton Lakes for litter picking, some litter pickers will be available but please being your own if you have some, also bring gloves and bin bags. We will meet by the spider web climbing frame and this event will be filmed and possibly photographed so please let us know if you do not want to be filmed or photographed.

Wednesday 26th April – Between 3pm and 5pm we will be delivering our collected donated items to food banks, charity shops, homeless people and such like. If you have items you would like to donate please pass them to me or you can come along on the day and donate with us. Alternatively, take a photo of you donating items and send it to us as your Act of Kindness.

Thursday 27th April / Pay It Forward Day

10am – 12noon at Cathedral Square       

Please join us in Cathedral Square where we will be giving out free massages, compliments and hugs to members of the public. On this day you will see posters up promoting Acts of Kindness and Pay It Forward Day. We will also be giving out free vegan cookies, herb plants and cakes. If you would like to bring some cakes, flowers or plants for us to give out then please bring them along. You are welcome to pop by, join us for the full two hours or just drop goodies off – whatever you can do will be a huge added benefit.

1pm – 4pm at Serpentine Green

We will be giving out free massages, compliments and huge to those passing by, we will also be giving out vouchers for Costa and free cakes and vegan cookies along with any leftover herb plants we have from the morning. Again, we encourage any volunteers to join us giving out free hugs, to make cakes for us to hand out or just to pop by and say Hello. Staff from Serpentine Green will also be joining us to share random acts of kindness.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more, or go to Creative Networking Meet Up page to sign up for any of the events.