Paying it Forward is another way for me, to use my business and my position to do something in the community. To help give back to the community that has given me so much in the very short time I have been here.

I feel that the ‘Pay it Forward’ plan can be done by anyone and in any way.

There are a few ways we are getting involved;

Peterborough Food Bank

As of December we will be collecting tines, packets and bags of food at our #CreativeNetworking events. These will then be donated to Peterborough Food Bank; we all fall on hard times from time to time so this is a great way of helping the community.


OpenCity is the digital interactive screen project in Peterborough, it is a way of bringing the people and businesses of Peterborough together and being involved in it has been an excellent chance for us to help in the city of Peterborough.

How do you or could you Pay It Forward?

You may have recently seen our blog posts about Paying It Forward and you may be wondering why we have decided to get involved in something like ‘Paying it Forward’. Surely the question should be why not? Or even why you are not involved in Paying it Forward?

If you follow me on Twitter or you are a friend of mine on Facebook you will know how much I love Hampton and Peterborough.  I think it’s an amazing place, I love the community feel of the place and I am proud to have a business in fastest growing city in the UK. 1,503 new businesses started in Peterborough in 2013 and I’m thrilled that Creative Content Company was one of them!